Political Discussions

At least twice a year members of The Tandridge Club meet to discuss a a wide range of topics. Following the discussion a paper is produced and sent to our MP so that he can take our recommendations forward to the relevant Government Department. You can read a summary of the Scottish Devolution paper below. For a full copy please Contact Us.

Policy Area: SCOTTISH DEVOLUTION                                                                                                               Discussion Date: 11.11.14


With each of the main political party’s having a different view on which further powers should be devolved we were faced with the decision on whether to debate these individually. After some discussion it was decided instead to focus on the core principles that should guide our political leaders. These were unanimously agreed as;

Discussion Conclusions

  1. That where a matter is devolved to a parliament or assembly, MPs with constituencies governed by that parliament or assembly, may not vote on that matter in the Westminster parliament.
  2. The Barnet formula is unfair.  A fair method of allocating general taxation receipts to parliaments and assemblies needs to be negotiated.  This will take account of the powers devolved to each.
  3. Parliaments and Assemblies must be accountable for their actions and their finances.  If a body wishes to spend more it must be seen to raise the extra money from its own constituents.
  4. All taxation decisions should be devolved to assemblies and parliaments unless it would be against the national interest or create regional competition within the UK; in particular VAT and Corporation Tax should be reserved.


Amongst the participants there was also the fear that we may be inexorably heading towards the break up of the United Kingdom. No one in the room wanted this.  Perhaps that why it was also proposed that the name of the Party should revert to The Conservative and Unionist Party.