Policy Area: IMMIGRATION                                                                                                                              Date of Discussion: 21.11.13


The discussion was confined to immigration from outside the EU as it was agreed that, without amending the EU treaties, we cannot change the free movement within the EU rule. It was also agreed that asylum was different from immigration with different needs and was not discussed.

 Discussion Conclusions:

  1.  A long term published strategy which clearly states the  principles of UK immigration policy is essential. We need immigration but must control the mix to ensure that the required skills take priority.
  2. Current immigration figures are not reliable and take no account of illegal immigration. Non EU immigration is capped but without the means to enforce it.
  3. We should make immigration difficult to ensure that those admitted really want to reside in the UK. This should be backed up by requirements to learn both English and British customs and laws before being given formal citizenship status. 
  4. There should be no automatic benefit entitlement until new immigrants have demonstrated a contribution record of two years of continuous legal residence. Only then should eligibility  for income or needs based benefits be possible.
  5. To get benefits, NHS treatment or any state service, people must be able to prove their identity and their right to be in the country. Illegal immigrants often destroy their papers leaving the police with no means to deal with them.
  6. The state should not translate documents or provide translation services as a matter of right. Traditional celebrations (e.g. nativity plays at schools) should not be stopped because they may offend other cultures. We must stand up for our British culture.


Immigration reports have vast amounts of data but successive reports are not in the same format making it difficult to compile meaningful statistics. EU citizens do not require visas to enter the UK. There does not appear to be any reliable data about the numbers entering or leaving.

Political Discussions

At least twice a year members of The Tandridge Club meet to discuss a a wide range of topics. Following the discussion a paper is produced and sent to our MP so that he can take our recommendations forward to the relevant Government Department. You can read a summary of the Immigration paper below. For a full copy please Contact Us.