Policy Area: EXTRADITION                                                                                                                           Date of Discussion: 19.04.12


  The discussion concentrated on the European Arrest Warrant and extradition between the UK and the USA.  The role of the EHRC was   commented on

  Discussion Conclusions:

 On the European Arrest Warrant 5 issues were voted on:

  1. Double Criminality should be introduced (a sentence in the requesting country cannot be longer than the sentence would be in the country operating the warrant). For: 6 Against: 8
  2. There should be a Proportionality Test in the operation of the EAW (A Judge should be able to dismiss a warrant if he believes the case is trivial) For: 19 Against: 0
  3. The issuing state should produce prima facie of the offence evidence with the warrant (to the standard that would be expected when issuing an arrest warrant within the operating state) For: 15 Against: 4
  4. The judge in the operating state can grant bail, to be served in that state, until the trial on the same basis as he would for an offence within the state For: 13 Against: 1
  5. UK nationals should be treated differently from foreign nationals when facing a EAW in a UK court. For: 5 Against: 11

Political Discussions

At least twice a year members of The Tandridge Club meet to discuss a a wide range of topics. Following the discussion a paper is produced and sent to our MP so that he can take our recommendations forward to the relevant Government Department. You can read a summary of the Extradition paper below. For a full copy please Contact Us.