Policy Area:  EU MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                 Date of Discussion: 03.04.13


 The discussion was about the European Union, whether the UK should stay as part of the EU and if so under what circumstances. Everyone was asked to a single item that would persuade them to stay in the EU and one that would persuade them to leave.

   Discussion Conclusions:

  1.  2 people wanted to leave the EU under all circumstances.  14 want to stay if the EU reforms well.  Everyone was prepared to leave the EU if it stays as it is with no reforms.
  2. It was felt many problems are the fault of the UK not the EU and that UK politicians are weak.  We need to address these problems within the UK.
  3. The items that would persuade people to stay in were:
  4. UK laws to be wholly under control of the Westminster Parliament.
  5. Recognise that there needs to be separation between those in and outside the Eurozone.
  6. Return to a purely Free Trade area.
  7. Recognition that reform is necessary.
  8. Balance the EU budget and eliminate waste.​
  9. The items that would persuade people to leave were:

          - EU stays as it is.

          - No budget control.

          - Expansion of EU.

          - Removal of any opt outs or vetos.

          - EU moves to dictate pay or taxes.

      10. The main points of reform needed were:

          - UK Parliament and courts to be supreme and cannot be over-ridden.

          - There should be level playing fields in operation of freedoms within the EU e.g. take over of companies.

          - Opt-outs and Vetos must be preserved and should be extended.

          - The EU must not be run for the benefit of the Eurozone.

Political Discussions

At least twice a year members of The Tandridge Club meet to discuss a a wide range of topics. Following the discussion a paper is produced and sent to our MP so that he can take our recommendations forward to the relevant Government Department. You can read a summary of the EU Membership paper below. For a full copy please Contact Us.