Policy Area: DEFENCE                                                                                                           Date of Discussion: 28.09.11


  Conservative  Defence policy is based on the following principles:

      a)  Alliances and partnerships will remain a fundamental part of our approach to defence and security.
      b)  NATO is the bedrock of our defence.
      c)  Our main defence and security relationship is with the USA.
      d)  Our obligations to NATO Allies will continue to be among our highest priorities.

  Discussion Conclusions:

  1. Nuclear Deterrent: The UK should have access to a nuclear deterrent through alliances. A small majority were against the continuation of our independent deterrent.
  2. Terrorism: This is the biggest threat we face and prevention of terrorist attacks in the UK should be the priority of our defence and police forces.
  3. Defence Procurement: product/weapon development should be handled separately from production as this causes suppliers to build in extra contingency thus inflating the eventual price. Contracts for production should be let separately once development issues have been resolved.
  4. Armed Forces Reserves: These are an important part of the defence resource and companies and individuals should be encouraged to see this as a civic duty. Incentives  should be available for companies prepared to release employees for such duties.
  5. UK should not operate on the basis of being a global policeman. We cannot afford it and, realistically, our present military strength is not compatible with such a role.


 The background paper circulated for this discussion was based largely on the following 3 documents:

  - “The Strategic Defence and Security Review” published by the Stationery Office in October 2010.

  - “Strategic Concept for the Defence and Security of the Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation” adopted by the Heads of State       and Governments in Lisbon in November 2010

  - “Future Reserves” published by the Independent Commission to Review the United Kingdom’s Reserve Forces in July 2011.


Political Discussions

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